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· Ultimate elemental flexibility – covering 15 matrices, 68 methods, 65 elements and 210 lines (not counting reference lines); quick addition of elements and methods without hardware changes (SPECTROLAB CCD version)

· Simple standardization with only one sample – based on SPECTRO´s Intelligent Calibration Logic (iCAL) – saves on average 30 minutes per day (SPECTROLAB CCD version)

· Excellent ease of use for effortless operations – simplified operator view presents clear choices via dedicated toolbar buttons

The new generation of SPECTROLAB OES analyzers delivers the greatest innovation in elemental analysis yet. Stability, flexibility, and analytical functionality combine in a high performance package that is in a class of its own. Available in hybrid PMT/CCD and breakthrough new all-CCD versions, this analyzer sets a new standard for R&D and process/quality control.

Both the third-generation hybrid and brand-new all-CCD SPECTROLAB models offer excellent optical performance for metals industry applications. The hybrid version provides unbeatable precision, flexibility, and stability for specialized R&D laboratories. It’s especially suitable for testing new materials, and for precious metals trace elements and inclusions.

The all-CCD version delivers impressive reproducibility, stability, and speed, along with advantages such as fast, simple iCAL calibration. These make it ideal for time-critical applications such as process control and quality control inspection of incoming/outgoing materials.

The unit’s new Spark Analyzer Pro software presents a revolutionary new level of operator interface simplicity. The program includes straightforward, self-explanatory icons and a familiar, ergonomic approach with little learning curve. Only authorized users can access the method development / knowledge base module for more complex tasks.

SPECTRO has spent more than 30 years developing the world’s leading OES instruments. A host of improvements, enhancements, and groundbreaking technological innovations make its new spectrometer the ideal analytical answer for primary metal producers and other critical applications.

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